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Fitmotion's Golf Fitness Program focuses on full body conditioning and emphasizes “core” strength by using a customized program that will best fit your individual needs and goals. If you’re like most golfers, fitness is the missing ingredient of your game that is hindering your overall physical ability to consistently perform the ideal golf swing. Improvements in form, posture, balance, flexibility, strength and muscle control will help you to make the swing changes you have been working so hard to achieve for years. This program will enhance your swing and improve your golf game through developing the physical abilities required for all aspects of the game, primarily core strength, balance, stability, flexibility and endurance.

Why do you need a Golf Fitness Program?

Golf is one of the fastest growing participation sports in the world, and golfers will do anything to hit the ball farther and lower their handicap.  Golfers regularly spend as much as $4000 for a set of clubs, hoping for an extra few yards on their drive.  However, despite all of the technological improvements in golf equipment, plus all of the gadgets and gimmicks available today, the average handicap for both men and women golfers has not dropped in the last 20 years.

What golfers are discovering is that clubs don't play the game, the golfer does.  The only way to achieve a lower handicap is to improve the function of the golfer; the person who actually swings the club.  As in any sport, golf places specific demands for strength, endurance and flexibility on the body.  Golfers may swing their clubs 60 times or more during one round of golf.  General exercises will not address these requirements, and neither will a machine based conditioning program.  In many cases, such programs can actually decrease a golfer's performance.

Fitmotion’s Golf Fitness Program covers four primary areas:

Strength and Power Training: To perform a proper golf swing, certain muscles must move while others remain stationary providing balance and stability. Your “core” muscles (abs, lower back, waist, and hips) are primarily responsible for the power development and stabilization of the swing. Toning and strengthening these core muscles is the key to improving your swing and lowering your scores. A total body approach to strength training, emphasizing core strength, can dramatically improve your swing and overall game.

Flexibility and Balance: Flexibility and balance exercises develop the range of motion and stability required to execute a proper golf swing. Increased balance, and stability lead to a more powerful, consistent and comfortable swing, which translates into more range, consistency and accuracy on the course with less pain, aches and fatigue. Maintaining balance and stability is critical during the entire swing to permit proper weight shift and follow through for maximum power.

Endurance Conditioning: The golf swing is a repetitive movement. You are doing the same motion over and over. A consistent golf swing requires that you perform the same swing on the 18th hole as you do on the 1st hole. If you are unable to consistently repeat your swing, your game will suffer (and so will your scores). Therefore, it is necessary to develop the endurance capacities of your body’s “core” region. Endurance exercises train the body to perform the same movements consistently over and over without getting fatigued. Endurance training will enhance your ability to maintain your optimal swing mechanics over an extended period of time.

Nutrition: A well balanced nutrition plan is the final ingredient to reduce those unwanted pounds and provide increased and sustained energy on the course.

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